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Auron Bottle

Auron Self-Cleaning UV-C Smart Bottle (17 oz)

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Smart self-cleaning bottle with LED temperaure display & water reminder. Stay hot for 12 hours & cold for 24 hours.


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1-Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

The Auron Bottle allows you to drink confidently, no matter where you are. Using UV-C light, this self-cleaning bottle can kill odor-causing and harmful bacteria & viruses in just 60 seconds. Say goodbye to stinky, musty water bottles!

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  • Powerful Sanitization: Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens in just 60 seconds.
  • 24 Hours Cold & 12 Hours Hot: Double walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink just the way you want it be, hot or cold.
  • Auto-Cleaning Cycle: Intelligently turns on every 2 hours to keep your water and bottle fresh throughout the day.
  • Smart Water Reminder: Bottle cap will light up to keep you in check with regular water reminders.
  • Water temperature Display: Monitor the temperature of your drink at any time of the day.
  • Durable Stainless Steel: 304 medical grade stainless steel construction with 500ml capacity.
  • Long Lasting Battery: 2 months of use on a single charge (USB-C fast charging).
  • Environmentally-friendly: Say goodbye to plastic bottles and save $600/year on bottled water.

Capacity:                            16.9 fl. oz. / 500 ml

Weight (with Cap):      0.96 lb

Material:                              High-grade Stainless Steel

Battery:                                Rechargeable (Li-Polimer) Battery

Battery Life:                       Up to 2 months

Charging:                           USB-C Rechargeable

Diameter:                           2.75 Inches / 7 cm

Height:                                  9.84 Inches / 25 cm

Sensor:                                 Integrated Temperature Sensor

Light Module:                   UVC Self-Cleaning Module

Wavelength:                    280 nm Wavelength


No Expensive Filters or Questionable Chemicals.

Auron cleans without filters or chemicals, just pure technology that turns water from any source into goodness.

Clean the public fountain water at the gym, tap water in foreign countries, or even river water when camping.

Just fill it up, touch the lid, and enjoy the cleanest, crispest, thirst-quenching-est water that nature has to offer.

High-End Features

99.99% Pure Water in 60 Seconds
and Odor-Free
Sweat and
Spill Proof
Durable 304
Stainless Steel
Smart Water
Built-In Temperature

Self-Cleaning Wonder

Using the power of natural UV-C light purification, Auron purifies without the use of filters or chemicals. Purify the public fountain water at the gym, tap water in foreign countries, or even river water when camping.

Pure Water in 60 Seconds

Stop bacteria and mold from breeding in your water bottle. Auto activates every 2 hours to keep your water pristine and the bottle mold-free.

No More Daily Washes

Auron doesn’t just purify water. It also cleans itself with purifying UV-C light. That means you can fill it up again and again without worrying about mold, bacteria, residue, or weird smells.

Keeps Your Drinks Hot or Cold

Auron’s double-walled insulation keeps your water cool for 24+ hours or hot for 12+. And it will never sweat or leak, so go ahead and toss it in your bag.

Smart Touch Control LED Display

Unlike other bottles, Auron has a touch activated smart LED screen where you can monitor your temperature, initiate smart reminders, and purify your water.

Built-In Temperature Display

Auron has a built-in temperature display so you know the exact temperature of your water, it works for other beverages as well! Just turn your bottle upside down and let your drink touch the cap to get its current temperature.

Smart Water Reminder

Auron is your personal assistant that makes sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Just switch on your smart LED water reminder and let your bottle do the work. Your bottle’s display will light up for 60 seconds when it’s time for you to take a sip.

Purify by Touch

Auron may be the most advanced water bottle ever made. Just give the lid a touch to start the purification process. It will light up when activated, so you’ll know when it’s working!


Everyone needs a reliable water bottle. So why not get one that makes the world a better place?


Everyone needs a reliable water bottle. So why not get one that makes the world a better place?

Q: How Long Is The Warranty Period for Auron?

Your Auron bottle is covered by a 365-day warranty. Whilst we take great care to ensure the quality of all our manufactured products, if you receive any bottle with defects or isn't working as intended, please reach out to our support team and we'll get it replace immediately!

Q: How Does Auron Eliminate Bacteria so Effectively?

Auron purifies your liquids with a powerful UV-C "zap" at 280 nm (scientifically proven to be the most optimal wavelength for bacteria disinfection). For maximum purification, following the instructions and wait for 60 seconds before drinking!

Q. How Long Is The Battery Life?

Your fully charged Auron Smart Lid can last up to 2 months. Easily fast-charge your lid with a USB-C cable!

Q. Can I Use Auron With Beverages Other Than Water?

Auron bottle works amazingly well with pure drinking water. If you're thinking of using other beverages like coffee or tea, do remember to wash your bottle clean after use!

Auron's temperature monitor function allows you to know exactly what temperature your drink is at before consuming.

Q. How Often Does Auron Bottle Clean Itself?

When the self-cleaning cycle is activated, Auron automatically cleans itself every 2 hours. If you want to instantly purify your water after adding it, simply tap the lid once and wait for 60 seconds before drinking.

Q. Do I Need to Pay for Any Other Things Like Water Filter or Chemical Cleaning?

The beauty of the Auron bottle is that it uses a scientifically proven wavelenght of UV-C light to purify your water. You don't have to regularly buy any expensive filters or chemicals to clean it afterwards. Just the bottle is good enough!